Dr. Marcin Piatkowski - Presentations

  1. International Conference "1989-2029: 20 Years of Transition and Perspectives for Development of Post-socialist Economies", April 3-4 2009

  2. "How to Utilize the Potential of ICT for Economic Development? The Role of Public Policies".
    XV Economic Forum in Krynica, September 7-10, 2005
    Conference organized by the European Commission's research center IPTS on "Future Outlook on the Information Society and the integration of the New Member States: the contribution of ICT strategies and technologies". All presentations and speeches are available at

  3. "The Role of ICT in the Development of the Polish Economy and Information Society" (in Polish)
    Seminar at the Poland's Ministry of Science and Information Society Technologies, April 26, 2005, Warsaw

  4. "The Potential of ICT for Development in Transition Economies – Technological Leapfrogging or a Growing Digital Divide?"
    World Bank Seminar, December 7, 2004, Washington DC
    Real Media recording

  5. "The Potential of ICT for Development and Economic Restructuring in the New EU Member States"
    14th Economic Forum in Krynica, Poland September 11, 2004

  6. "Information Society in Poland"
    14th Economic Forum in Krynica, Poland September 11, 2004

  7. "The Aggregate Contribution of ICT to Output and Labour Productivity Growth in Transition Economies"
    4th International Conference on "ICT as Drivers of Development in Transition Economies" TIGER, Leon Kozminski Academy of Entrepreneurship and Management, Warsaw, Poland May 14, 2004