Lista Referatów










Dr. Keith Crane i Zbyszko Tabernacki- “Globalization and Growth in the CIS”



Prof. Laszlo Csaba - "Transformation and Development"


Prof. Daniel Daianu – “Is Catching-up possible in Europe?”



Prof. Gang Fan - ”The Dual-Transformation of China: Past 20 Years and 50 Years Ahead”


Prof. Grzegorz W. Kolodko – "Globalization and Catching-up in Emerging Market Economies”


Prof. Tadeusz Kowalik -„Systemic Diversity in Time of Globalization and Integration”


Nguyuru H. I. Lipumba - "Globalization and Economic Development: Can Sub-Saharan Africa Avoid Marginalization?"



Prof. D. Mario Nuti - "Governing Incomplete Globalization"



Prof. Gur Ofer i Prof. Michael Keren - "Globalization and FDI in Financial Services to Economies in Transition"


Prof. Masahiro Taguchi - "Japanese

Approach to the Transition Economies"


Prof. Rodrigo Vergara - "Reform and Growth: Lessons from Chile"


George Vojta -  "Implementing Best Practice Standards To Achieve Systemic Reform: The Fiduciary Responsibilities of The Private Sector"