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Information technology as the factor supporting globalisation - a study on the basis of transformation in poland




This paper discusses both macro and micro management and presents the hypothesis that in Polish conditions the opportunities resulting from the Information Technology (IT) constitute a big chance to accelerate globalisation, including transformation and entrepreneurship development. Due to the electronic economy, organisations' global strategies may be implemented more fully and in an easier way. Poland and other countries of Central and Eastern Europe operating within the electronic economy have now greater opportunities of becoming competitive and creative than they had in the hitherto traditional market economy. The emergence of electronic economy results from the development of Information Technology. Due to the electronic economy, Polish organisations and companies from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe may operate both locally and globally. The development of electronic economy constitutes a chance to increase competitiveness of small and large organisations on the global market.  However, according to the data demonstrated in the paper, IT expenditures are substantially lower than in the EU countries. The EU countries spend relatively more on Information Technology than it could be inferred from their prosperity measured both by total GDP and by per capita GDP. The paper shows also the results of research on entrepreneurship analysing opinions of the economics and management students of Polish universities in Warsaw. The research revealed that the percentage of students interested in becoming an entrepreneur in future is significant and amounts to between 66% in the case of part-time and extramural students and 85% for the group of full-time students. However, it should be remembered that in Poland the percentage of people considered as entrepreneurs amounts only to around 12 %. Information Technology is one of the most effective methods to become an entrepreneur. The paper discusses the creation of a common European information space. Such a space will accelerate globalisation and transformation in Poland and other countries of Central and Eastern Europe.