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E-finance and macro-, mezzo- and microeconomics. Introduction to costs and benefits analysis






The phenomenon of "e-finance", just as "new economy", "e-commerce" or "e-business", is in statu nascendi. Definition obstacles form a difficulty, and what it entails, the lack of single definition of the scope of e-finance. A current surge of globalisation in the financial sector, considered an irreversible and universal trend, has been sparked off by a combination of factors led by Americanisation of the world system. Globalisation and internationalisation are accompanied by new opportunities and challenges as well as costs, risks and threats. The process of e-finance is not a panacea in itself: it is necessary for the development and growth but it is not enough. Generally, from the perspective of post-communist countries, including Poland, the so-called "new economy", e-commerce, e-business, e-finance, etc., could pose a "deadly threat" which might make these countries secondary or even marginal. However, under certain circumstances, the above mentioned phenomena may also stand for extraordinary opportunities. The Internet may be the engine of economic growth and development in Poland and could result in an "internet-led growth" in our country.