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Entrepreneurs in the face of e-business. Opportunities and threats for the polish economy





Dynamic development of the Internet has become a grateful field for organisation and management scholars to create new ideas, model concepts, or even theories. Nearly ten years of experience of commercial utilisation of the Internet allow today to form still tentative rules. In the paper, new opportunities created for entrepreneurship by e-business have been presented. Up-to-date Internet statistics have been quoted to show that many an enthusiastic forecast turned out to be out of target. According to the author, the development of e-business, through the fault of the entrepreneurs themselves, has been marred by their ignorance of traditional economy laws which are still in force even in the e-business, and the electronic speed only makes them take effect quicker. The new e-business requires all entrepreneurs who plan to play a significant role in the global information society to acquire the skills of navigating and operating the new environment. Polish entrepreneurs may stand a chance of efficiently using the so-called "delayed development benefit". Avoiding mistakes made by e-business pioneers will allow Polish e-business to develop in a more stable manner and to steer clear of unnecessary losses.