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Is the Internet changing our outlooks?




Regardless of the method of assessment of the current condition of the Internet and its impact on the development of civilisation, the Network turns into a problem when we ask about the identity of a person immersed in it.

The Internet, contrary to other media, is a "complete world"; here things don't "develop" (as in TV, for instance). On the other hand, commercial negotiations, for example, require a gradual accumulation; they have a "history" of their own (eliminated by the Internet).

The World Wide Web contains an "apology of youth", and sometimes even of infantilism. Most young professionals who make use of the Web today have been shaped by the television. This leads to a deep-seated belief that the Internet is a domain of fun and playful competition. So, does the economy really feel good around the Web? Is the Internet not the right environment only for those stages of business projects that do not require absolute precision? E-business has to try to change our awareness, inherited from central economy times and a different communications environment that shaped our outlooks on life.