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Economic Research

International Conference


"Knowledge-based economy as factor of competitiveness and economic growth"
18 January, 2008

The conference aims at offering an opportunity to present study results and discuss the role of knowledge-based economy as a main driving force of economic growth and competitiveness

The particular emphasis will be put on the following aspects:

  • Knowledge as a new paradigm and factor of competitiveness and economic development;  
  • Position of Poland in terms of knowledge-based economy in comparison to other EU countries;
  • Impact of new technologies and knowledge management on economic growth and employment in regions;
  • Policy implications for R&D, technology transfer and knowledge implementation for country's and regional competitiveness.

Draft Programme

9.00 - 10.00 Opening session
Prof. Andrzej K. Koźmiński, Rector of the Leon Koźmiński Academy of Entrepreneurship and Management (WSPiZ), Warsaw, Poland
Introductory remarks by Prof. Grzegorz W. Kołodko, Director of TIGER

Keynote speaker - Prof. Itzhak Goldberg, Advisor, Policy and Strategy, Private and Financial Sector, Europe and Central Asia, World Bank

"What is the role of government in a building knowledge-based economy and absorptive capacity to enhance growth?"

10.00 - 11.30  
1st Session: The role of knowledge in modern theories and practice of competitiveness and economic growth - moderator prof. Dorota Dobija, WSPiZ

Prof. Marianna Strzyżewska, "Knowledge-performance paradox in enterprises in Poland",SGH.

Dr. Małgorzata Runiewicz-Wardyn, "Evolution of factors and measures of international competitiveness. The increasing role of knowledge", WSPiZ.

Ms. Agnieszka Rosolińska, "New Challenges for Financing Business in the Knowledge-based Economy", WSPiZ.

Prof. Maria Lissowska, "Competition and entry of firms as hypothetical factors of innovation. The case of Polish SME against the theories", Warsaw School of Economics (SGH)


11:30 - 11:45
Coffee break

11.45 - 13.15
2nd Session: The state and perspectives of knowledge-based economy - moderator prof. Marianna Strzyżewska, SGH

Dr. Jan Fazlagić, "Primary education - the poor neighbour in the KBA agenda"
The Poznań University of Economics.

Dr. Izabela Koładkiewicz, "Universities and R&D networking in a knowledge-based economy", WSPiZ.

Dr. Jakub Brdulak, "Cooperation between the Enterprise and Stakeholder", Warsaw School of Economics (SGH).



13.15 - 14.15        


3rd Session.  The role of knowledge as source of competitiveness and economic development of regions. Empirical evidence - moderator prof. Grzegorz Gorzelak, EUROREG, Warsaw University

Prof. Nicola Bellini, "Regional policies in the knowledge-economy scenario. The role of Europe's connected peripheries", The Sant Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa.

Prof. Mirosław Miller, Prof. Jerzy Langer, "The strategy of building knowledge-based economy in Lower Silesia", Wrocław University of Technology.

Dr. Marta Goetz, "Regional dimension of knowledge-based economies. The case of German federal states and Polish provinces", Poznan University of Economics and the Institute of Western Affairs.


Coffee break


4rth Session. ICT as driver of knowledge-based economy and competitiveness - moderator dr Malgorzata Runiewicz-Wardyn, WSPiZ

Dr. Pál Gáspár, "The impact of ICT on competitiveness of New Member States", ICEG European Center, Budapest.

Dr. Marcin Kraska, "The state and perspective of e-business in Poland - relative to other EU member states", Institute of Logistics and Warehousing, Poznań.

Prof.  Aldona Frączkiewicz-Wronka, Dr. Agata Austen, Ms. Martyna Wronka, "Knowledge management in healthcare: Silesian experiences of ICT application", University of Economics in Katowice.


Coffee break


5th Session. Transition, development and knowledge-based economy - moderator dr Marta Goetz, Poznan University of Economics

Ms. Agnieszka Konkel, "What are the prospects for and barriers of development of knowledge-based economy in developing countries?", The Institute for Development Policy and Management, the University of Manchester.

Dr. Nadiya Dubrovina, Dr. Vera Dubrovina, Ms. Erika Neubauerova "Influence of educational potential to economic growth in regions of Slovakia", Kharkov Institute of Trade and Economy, Ukraine

Dr. Ivan Peshkov, "A Post-Soviet State, the Knowledge-Based Economy and Transition. The Case of Russia", Instytut Wschodni, Instutite of Eastern Studies, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań.

Closing remarks - Dr. Małgorzata Runiewicz-Wardyn, WSPiZ.