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With Nobel laureate in Economic Sciences (2007), Professor Eric Maskin. Budapest, May 16, 2023.

Distinguished Professor of Belt and Road School of Beijing Normal University. With the Director of BRS, Professor Hu Biliang (21.XII.2019)

The KOWADŁO Award granted by the KUŹNICA Association in recognition of scientific achievements in the field of economics, role in reforming the Polish economy and the world authority in the field of development economics and economic policy (4.VI.2010)

Honorary Professor at Corvinus University of Budapest for „outstanding contribution to education, research and development” (28.III.2019)

Nobel Laureate in Economics, Doctor Honoris Causa of the Kozminski University, Professor Edward C. Prescott, and its promoter, Professor Grzegorz W. Kolodko (October 8th, 2018)

New York, September 17th, 2018. With the laureates of Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences, Professor Edmund S. Phelps and Professor Joseph E. Stiglitz

Meeting of theory and politics with practice and business. With Bill Gates at China International Import Expo, Shanghai, November 5th, 2018.

With Professor Francis Fukuyama at Stanford University, January 2015

With Professor Joseph E Stiglitz Columbia University, January 2015 

With Professor Daniel Kahneman, the economics Nobel Prize laureate (New York, January 24th, 2015)

With Professor Janos Kornai at the conference on the occasion of his 90th anniversary, Corvinus University, 18.01.2018
(Photo Tury Gergely)

Presentation of The Main Award of Minister of Science and Higher Education for Outstanding Scientific Achievements in the category of research for economic development for the book “Whither the World: The Political Economy of the Future” (vol. I  & vol. II ) (November 26th, 2014)

The transfer of knowledge is, apart from research, the basic duty of a scholar. With a group of 54 MBA students from 33 countries after completing a series of lectures on "Leadership at New Era of Globalization" at Beijing Normal University (November 2018).

With Professor James K. Galbraith at the University of Texas at Austin

Before the lecture on the world’s future at the Dhaka University

After the lecture on "The World Economic Challenges and Their Consequences for Economic Development" presented at the Sudan Academy For Banking & Financial Sciences in Khartoum (15.02.2015)

A geography lesson at a primary school in São Tomé

With Nobel Prize winner, Professor Thomas J. Sargent at the conference on “Russian Economic Policy In the Time of Global Turbulence", University of Finance, Moscow, November 24th, 2014

President of the National Bank Polish , Professor Marek Belka, presents distinction of the Badge of Honour "FOR MERIT FOR BANKING OF THE REPUBLIC OF POLAND" (29.IX.2014)

At the opening ceremony of the academic year 2014/15 the Minister of Science and Higher Education, Professor Lena Kolarska -Bobinska awards the National Education Committee Medal for outstanding contributions to education (29.IX.2014)

Honorary Degree, Doctorte Honoris Causa, received from the International Institute of Management, MIM, in Kiev, Ukraine, for outstanding achievements in theory and policy of post-socialist systemic transformation (May 31st, 2014)

The Honorary Professor of the Alfred Nobel University in Dnepropetrowsk (May 22, 2014)

The Fryderyk Skarbek Award granted by the Polish Academy of Sciences for the book "Whither the World: The Political Economy of the Future" (“Dokąd zmierza świat. Ekonomia polityczna przyszłości”). Award handed by the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of PAS, Professor Stanislaw Filipowicz (December 10th, 2013).

With Professor Francis Fukuyama at Stanford University (February 2011)

It's a pleasure to sign my book "Truth, Errors, and Lies: Politics and Economics in a Volatile World" published in the Arabic language for Saudi student Suqur, at the Riyadh International Book Fair.

Taipei, Taiwan. After the lecture on globalization and world crisis at the National Chengchi University

At the guest lecture at the in Suan Sunandha
Rajabhat Universt Bangkok. July 2011

The famous stairs of Universidad de Havana have seen a lot and will see much in the future too...

Ceremony of awarding the Honoris Causa Doctorate at the University of Debrecen (November 28th, 2009) for "outstanding results on the field of globalization, economic growth and in the study of transformation".

After the lecture on the world economy and new development economics at the university in Riyadh I've got a token of appreciation.

The Moscow Financial University, October 30th, 2009. After the ceremony of awarding the Honoris Causa Doctorate "In recognition of transcendent merit in research activities, first of all, in the research of the problems of market transformation in post-socialist countries and their globalization, as well as the contribution to the development of scientific links between the scholars from different countries worldwide".


Krynica Economic Forum (September 11th, 2008). Discussion with Professor Edmund S. Phelps, the Nobel Prize Laureate in 2006, with works of whom we've been acquainted since the university years and the personal contacts started at the onset of the 1990.

Honorary Degree of the Guizhou University (2008) is already the third such award in China.

New York. Discussion with Professor Joseph E. Stiglitz - the Nobel Laureate in Economics in 2001. In 1998-99 - when Professor Stiglitz served as Deputy President of the World Bank and Professor Kolodko worked there as consultant - the elements of so-called Post-Washington Consensus had been worked out.

With Dr. Kurimoto, the President of Nagoya University of Commerce and Business Administration, at the inaugural ceremony of the new academic year (April 1st, 2006).

Friendship and cooperation with professor Robert A. Mundell - a frequent visitor to TIGER and WSPiZ - has lasted over a dozen years. At another meeting, this time private, at home at the outskirt of Warsaw.

April 2005. With the Rector of Moscow Academy of Economics and Law - Professor Vladimir P. Buyanov - at the ceremony of awarding the Honorary Professorship.


At home garden with Professor Robert J. Aumann, the Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences (2005) for "having enhanced our understanding of conflict and cooperation through game-theory analysis".

Lebanon. Chatting with the students after seminar at the American University of Beirut.

Egypt. In the Hatshepsut temple ( where the Polish station under the stewardship of Dr. Zbigniew E. Szafrański leads archeological and renovation works. The wooden hammer I'm keeping has over 3,500 years...

42 books by prof. Grzegorz W. Kolodko in 11 languages have been received by the Rudomino All-Russian State Library of Foreign Literature
Right: Library's Deputy General Director - Olga Sinicyna

Beijing, May 2009. How to tackle the crises?... With Professor Eric S. Maskin , the 2007 Nobel Laureate.

March 2004. For outstanding contribution to the theory of globalization, transformation and integration the South West University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE) in Chengdu, China, has awarded the Honorary Doctoral Degree. On the left: President of the SWUFE - Professor Wang Yuguo

From Minneapolis to Beijing. One more discussion with the Nobel Award Winner (2004), Professor Edward C. Prescott

Leading postgraduate school in India - Indian Institute of Finance awarded professor Grzegorz W. Kolodko the title of Honorary Visiting Professor

The Vietnamese edition of the book on "Truth, Errors, and Lies: Politics and Economics in a Volatile World" presentation at the University of Hanoi, 26th November, 2010

The working relations with Professor Stanley Fischer - the former First Deputy Managing Director of the IMF and currently the Vicepresident International of the Citibank Group - have started already in the early 90s

May 2003. A Honorary Degree for "Distinguished contribution to the theory of economic development, especially on the issues of globalization" was awarded by the Lviv University, greatly respected in both Polish and Ukrainian history. The Diploma was awarded by Rector of the University - Professor Ivan Vakarchuk. At the background Mr. Myron Yankiv - the Governor of Lviv Region

With professor Aleksander Nekipelov, the Vicepresident of Russian Academy of Science, and a member of TIGER Scientific Board

Thimphu, Bhutan, September 2010. With Dr. Karma Urma, President of the Centre for Bhutan Studies, where the concept of alternative socio-economic development measure of Gross National Happiness is studied (on the left) and with Mr. Minjur Dorni, the minister of Home Affairs and Culture of Royal Government of Bhutan (on the right).

One more end of the world: Anadyr, Chukotka. And one more seminar on development, this time in the think-thank with probably the longest name in the world: Russian Academy of Sciences - Far East Branch - North East Interdisciplinary Scientific-Research Institute - Chukotsky Branch.

Professor Jacob A. Frenkel and Professor Grzegorz W. Kolodko had a chance to work together already in 1990. At that time the Chairman of Merrill Lynch International served as the Economic Counselor and Director of Research Department at the International Monetary Fund in Washington, DC, and the Director of TIGER was the Director of Warsaw based Institute of Finance

In the conference about prospects for and threats to the world economy organized by UNIDO in Venice (October 2-4, 2002). Left: professor William Easterley from the New York University. Right: The Minister of Economy and Trade of Tanzania - dr Juma Ngasongwa

So far, all six visits to the United Nations University World Institute
for Development Economics Research (UNU/WIDER - has resuled with a publication. This time - in May 2002 - it's been WIDER Discussion Paper WDP 2002/51 on "Globalization and Catching-up in Emerging Market Economies"

Nowa Iwiczna at the Warsaw's outskirt (May 2002). Continuation of an academic debate with Professor Douglass C. North, the Nobel Laureate in Economics in 1993, who was visiting Poland at the invitation of TIGER. On the right - Mrs. Elisabeth Case, Professor North's wife

With Professor Janos Kornai at TIGER after the WSPiZ Distinguished Lecture on the role of state in transition economies

With Professor Robert A. Mundell - the 1999 Nobel Prize Winner in Economics - in historical salt mine in Wieliczka near Krakow

University of Rochester, NY. In front of the Rhees Library

Los Angeles, UCLA. T-Shirt Day on campus

At Yale University with Professor James Tobin, 1981 Nobel Prize Winner in Economics

Warsaw. At home at the "globalization command center" as friends often like to put it

The emerging markets do have many faces. On the one hand the stock exchanges in countries which caught up with the developed world, as it was in the case of Spain...

... on the other hand, the village markets in poor West-African countries

At far region of East Siberia, with the Director of Yakutia Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and the Director of Regional Economic Development Institute in Yakutsk , Professor Yegor G. Yegorov.

The world of science for sure is not limited to economics... There is no better place in the world than Kamchatka to get a little bit acquainted with the secrets of volcanoes. And at Kamchatka there is no better place to do so than at the Institute of Volcanology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, especially if outstanding volcanologist, deputy director for research, Professor Nikolay I. Sieliviortsov serves kindly as the guide.

Another unique research center is the Permafrost Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Yakutsk. Thus, being a guest of the Academy and presenting a series of lectures and seminars on globalization and economic growth, one must take the opportunity to visit such institute and especially its underground laboratory, 8 meters below the ground level, where the temperature for thousands of years stands at exactly minus 4.5 C, disregarding is there +35 or -72 outside, as it happens...

Meeting the students of Pyonagyang University of Science and Technology, North Korea


In Algiers, the capital city of Algeria. During a break between the lectures on structural reforms and sustainable development there is nothing better than a small glass of tea!