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Among the penguin colonies in Antarctica.

This is what ripe cocoa fruits look like: Criollo and Trinitario. Which is which?

With the Komodo dragon. Komodo National Park, UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site


Such gorgeous chameleon one may admire only on Madagascar. Of course, one must be lucky to meet him!

Tracking orangutans in the jungle in Borneo

In the tropical jungle, on the equator, in the Gulf of Guinea

The Qutang Gorge, the most beautiful of the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River.

Gibraltar. In front of Gorham's Cave, UNESCO World Heritage Site, where Neanderthals lived tens of thousands of years ago.

Sahara beauty is captivating ... Western Sahara, Morocco

Ennedi Massif: Natural and Cultural Landscape, UNESCO Natural and Cultural World Heritage Site, Chad

Indonesia. Sunrise in the Komodo National Park, UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site

Tasty grapes on a sunny slope of volcano Pico do Fogo on the island of Fogo, Cape Verde

Hiking narrow strip of greenery on the banks of the Nile in Sudan.\

Corsica. The Calanques de Piano, which due to its unique features and beauty deserves the status of the UNESCO World Nature Heritage Site (Gulf of Porto: Calanche of Piana, Gulf of Girolata, Scandola Reserve;

Walking at the banana plantation

Walking at the banana plantation

Devil's Stone in Bory Tucholskie. The second greatest erratic boulder in Poland

The beauty of the rice terraces in north Luzon at the Philippines, cultivated by the Ifugao people for more than two millennia, has been acknowledged by the UNESCO with the World Heritage Site.

pola ryzowe

The rice fields at Madagascar hills.

Spider web rice fields at the Flores Island, Indonesia

Jatiluwih Rice Terraces, Bali

Sahara, Lakes of Ounianga in Chad, UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site

At the Mangrove forests

At the mangrove forests in the Sundarbans (UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site

On the tiger’s trail

On the tiger’s trail in the Sundarbans (UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site

At the mighty Brahmaputra in Bangladesh

At the mighty Brahmaputra in Bangladesh

Walking through a bamboo footbridge

Walking through a bamboo footbridge

Trekking in the Sharr National Park in Kosovo

  Georgia. At the Chaladi glacier in Caucasus

On the Polish meadow in Gródek, a holiday village from childhood years...


Erg Chebbi dunes, at Sahara desert in eastern Morocco.


Out of eight types of baobabs, seven grows at Madagascar, including endemic tree growing exclusively at this stunning Island.


„Sailing west across the Pacific Ocean and almost the entire sweep of the Indian Ocean, we land in Mauritius. Here, too, we could exclaim: Que pacífico! Here, not in the movies, but in real life, grows the last tree in the world, and that means in the universe. In the little town of Curepipe in the center of the island, surrounded by a low wall, stands a ten-meter-high Hyophorbe amaricaulis palm. This species is as close to extinction as a species can be. It is about 50 years old, and has only a few years left. It will die. It cannot reproduce, because its male and female flowers bloom at different times. Attempts at grafting and cloning have failed. Even if the tree sprouts and begins to grow, it will die if it is transplanted. This is extinction.” (“Truth, Errors, and Lies: Politics and Economics in a Volatile World”, p. 177)

Isalo National Park

In The Isalo National Park, Madagascar.

Jordan. At gorgeous desert Wadi Rum (

Oman. Trekking in the splendid canyon Wadi Shab.

Taroko National Park

Trekking the gorgeous marble canyon in Taroko National Park in Taiwan

Walking through tropical forest in Cuba’s Sierra Maestra

Mount Everest

Time for Mount Everest


In the Atlas Mountains.


National Park Hortobagy, the Hungarian puszta, has gained the status of UNESCO Nature World Heritage Site.


In Bolivia, near the Chilean border. Laguna Colorada.


The climate is warming but a true winter can come from time to time... Jogging with dogs at the snowy fields at the Warsaw's outskirts (January 2010, minus 1°F)

Northern Colombia. Several dys lasting trekking to mysterious city of Tayrona Indians leads through tropical rain forestę...

...and rapids of mountains rivers of Sierra Sierra Nevada.

And it's awarded at last! Hidden in the jungle, amazing stairways, heading just from the river to...

...Ciudad Perdida, the marvelous and unique beauty Lost City of Tayrona Indians.


Salar de Uyuni in the Bolivian Andes. The unique landscape of the enormous sweet of dried salt lake - spreading out from horizon to horizon.

Trekking through the jungle on Grenada.

The 80 km long Lena Pillars (Lenskie Stolby), a 35-million-years-old strech of Kimberly limestone, about 200 km south of Yakutsk in East Siberia, are of utmost beauty. So is the Lena river going all the way, over four thousands kilometers, to the Laptev Sea at the Arctic.

Yet of quite different geological formation, actually volcanic rock pillars, but as much beautiful are the "Yenisey stolby", near Krasnoyarsk, in West Siberia, on the banks of the great Yenisey river, going also thousands of kilometers to the Arctic and emptying at the Kara Sea. To climb the pillars is not that easy, yet the panorama seen from the top is awarding the effort.

In the Valley of the Geysers, at Kamchatka, it roars and grumbles, buzzes and growls, steams and spouts. There is quite a few such places on the earth where the nature is so
original and pristine.

The Guam island (GMT +9h) is surrounded by the warm waters of the Philippine Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

Spitsbergen. Close to the 80th North parallel of latitude, at the gorgeous, blue-green Magdalenefjord. At the background tidewater glacier Lillehookbreen

Ruapehu Vulcano in New Zealand became famous because of the film "Lord of the Rings"

The Baikal Lake is charming during all seasons of the year

Kenia. Morning activities on the Lake Victoria cost - second biggest lake in the world

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda. Tracking the rare mountain gorillas in a thick tropical jungle, on the borderland of Uganda, Rwanda and Congo, is an unusual life experience. Meeting with this magnificent animals remains in memory for ever

Thousands of flamingoes are walking without the rest on the shallows of the Turkana Lake in Kenia


Cordilliera de Lipez, Bolivia. Here, up to 5,000 meters above the sea level, on the shallow waters of colorful salty lakes, as many as three species of flamingo flourish. The biggest - and so beautiful! - are the Andean flamingos (two others are the James and the Chilean).

Isla de Ometepe on the Nicaragua Lake was formed by joining of the two volcanoes. The only one known fresh water shark's species lives there

Trekking the Mount Athos peninsula is an unforgettable experience. A visit over a week time to all twenty monasteries, of which fifteen are along the coast and five in the mountainous interior, requires indeed the marathon fitness. The way from Pandokratos to Stavronikita monastery goes along the picturesque eastern coast of the peninsula, on the Thracian Sea. At the background the Holy Mountain of Athos (6,777 feet above
the sea level).

From arsanas, or the sea jetty of Zographou monastery, which is located in mountains, to get to another monastery one can walk through beautiful stony bank of the Aegean Sea, this time on the west coast of peninsula. At the background Mt. Athos.

Although Mt. Athos peninsula is quite narrow, trekking 5 to 8 miles of mountainous terrain from coast to coast requires some effort, what is awarded by the gorgeous nature.

On the old, remembering the Byzantine times, path. So quiet here, only birds and lizards...

On Dominica, a splendid Caribbean island. After 3 hours of trekking, through mountainous rain forest, at the edge of the Boiling Lake (the second largest in the world, 200 feet in diameter) in the Morne Trois Pitons National Park, the UNESCO Nature World Heritage site

L' Escalier Tete Chien (Dominica, Carib Territory). Mysterious natural lava stairs, leading straight into the Atlantic Ocean...

Two mountains, as the sisters rising out of the bottom of Caribbean Sea at the east coast of Santa Lucia, are known as the Pitons. Together with the surroundings - including the underwater cliffs and reefs - this setting, as the Pitons Management Area, has been acknowledged in 2004 the status of the UNESCO Nature World Heritage site.

The estuary of Indian River at the north-west coast of Saint Christopher island, one of two islands of the Caribbean state of St. Kitts and Nevis, is so unusual and picturesque that it shouldn't surprise that an episode of "The Pirates of Caribbean" has been shot here.

Which coast of Caribbean Islands is more beautiful? The one of the Caribbean Sea?...

...or the one of the Atlantic Ocean?

Or maybe just there where the two great waters, the Caribbean Sea the Atlantic Ocean, merge?

Diving with the Caribbean fish.

Aqaba, Jordan. At the Red Sea. At the other side of the Aqaba Bay – Eilat, Israel.

On the Dead Sea.

At the one of the nature "seven wonders of the world": the Victoria Falls on Zambezi river between Zimbabwe and Zambia

...and at the Awash Falls in the Awash National Park, Ethiopia...

...and at the world highest (3,212 feet!) waterfall Salto Ángel in the Venezuelan rain forest, in Canaima National Park...

...and at the Kaieteur Falls in the tropical jungle of Guyana, one of the absolutely most beautiful, with world's largest single water drop measuring 741 feet ...

...and at the magnificent Khon Phapheng Falls in Laos...

...and at the Niagara Falls.

Not only beautiful, but also unique is 243 feet high and 266 feet wide Huangguoshu Waterfall in Chinese province of Guizhou. It is perhaps the only waterfall in entire world which can be seen from six perspectives: from the left and the right, from the top and the bottom, from outside...

...and inside.

In the Georgian Ajaria

The Jimenoa waterfall, where Spielberg shot (during the rainy season) the famous opening scene of “Jurassic Park”. But the dinosaurs are not there anymore. They went extinct :-(


As much as 97 percent of the Galapagos territory has the status of national park. Thus, the unique tortoises from these islands are entirely safe. However, there is a species doomed for extinction. Its only representative, Lonely George, met on the Pinta island in 1971, is already 90 years or so old and may still live for another couple of dozens years more. Yet when he will die, all subspecies he represents so proudly will be gone for ever.

In several regions of Africa the number of magnificent white rhinos has declined dramatically in the aftermath of poaching. It is a good news therefore that here - in the Zambian reserve on Zambezi - the last two of these beautiful creatures are going to have a baby soon!

The iguanas