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Emerging Market Economies -
Globalization and Development


Emerging Market Economies: Globalization and Development is the result of a comprehensive international research project co-ordinated within TIGER (Transformation, Integration and Globalization Economic Research). It deals with economic, social and political implications of globalization for the development of emerging market economies and is authored by a host of international scholars from the USA, Chile, Tanzania, UK, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Romania, China and Japan.

Kolodko et al examine the fundamental issues of the influences of globalization on the markets for capital, goods and labour and for the growth and development in emerging markets including post-communist countries. The study includes a number of comprehensive and compatible works which deal especially with the chances for and mechanism of catching-up on these emerging markets.



"With this book we now have a clear map through the maze of complex issues facing today's emerging economies, the result of an international research effort led by Grzegorz Kolodko, who brings to the debate not only innovative economic analysis but also his own deep experience as a policymaker in one of Europe's most successful emerging economies."

Dr Tony Addison, World Institute for Development Economics Research, Finland


"This volume steers a middle course between the diehard opponents of globalization on the one hand, and its apologists on the other...This balanced perspective is much needed as the world struggles with the newly unleashed forces of technology, trade and capital flows."

Professor Ravi Kanbur, Cornell University, USA


The book "Emerging Market Economies" consists of the proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Globalization and Catching-up in Emerging Market Economies held in Warsaw in May 2002. The twelve texts are divided into four Parts: Globalization, Transformation and Growth (Part I), Economic Growth in the More and the Less Globalized Economies (Part II), One World, Different Paths of Development (Part III) and Catching-up and External Factors of Development (Part IV).

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Dejan Dragojevic

Undeniably, the process of globalisation has brought tremendous changes to economies and politics world-wide and not everybody has been able to reap its benefits. A detailed analysis is required in order to measure which aspects of globalisation are conducive to prosperity for all, and which aspects have an adversely effect. Turning globalisation to our advantage is not an easy task. This is particularly the case with the transition and developing countries, which are undergoing dramatic changes and adjustments in their economic and political arrangements, while being, at the same time, confronted with the challenges of globalisation.

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Csilla Varga