October 25, 2018, "How China will change the world?"

"How China will change the world?" Chinese economic success has deeply transformed our way of thinking about development economics, role of the state in the economy, or about threats and opportunities associated with globalization. In recent decades, the importance of China has increased significantly. Along with that, new questions and doubts arise. Is China doomed to a crisis? To what extent will the economic confrontation between China and the US influence international economic relations? Is B&R a real opportunity for polish entrepreneurs? These topics (and many others) will be discussed by our distinguished guests during three discussion panels: panel of ambassadors, panel of experts and panel of entrepreneurs. Discussions will be preceded by prof. Grzegorz W. Kolodko's lecture entitled "Will China save the world?" Also, during the event a lecture will be delivered by H.E. Liu Guangyuan, Chinese Ambassador to Poland.